Productivity Problem

Using traditional procedures, there is no way to determine if a locomotive toilet needs servicing before an odor or sanitary issue occurs while en route from yard to yard.

Unsanitary conditions in the cab mean locomotives get pulled from service, negatively impacting employee satisfaction and, ultimately, revenue.

The FaserCHEM hand-held measuring tool makes the job of knowing when to service a toilet simple, by providing the operator with clear feedback in the form of good, marginal or replace.

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High-Tech Simple Solution

The ISC FaserCHEM system uses proprietary chemicals and a state-of-the-art hand-held device with an easy to read LCD display that indicates with certainty when toilets in the locomotives require service. Merely point the device into the reservoir to know it is time to service the toilet before an odor or sanitary issue develops.

  • Problems are avoided BEFORE they occur.
  • Better working conditions for maintenance crews and engineers
  • Locomotives stay in service more often, increasing revenue
  • Operators not required to touch any part of the toilet or holding reservoir