Cleaners & Degreasers

ISC offers a full line of cleaners to help you tackle the toughest jobs in the diesel shop, from engine parts to the shop floor and more.

Products Include:

  • Parts Cleaners
  • Exterior Locomotive Wash
  • Windshield Cleaner
  • Shop Floor Cleaner
  • Rust Prevention

Available in various sizing and packaging options, depending upon product

Product Spotlight

ISC 100 is an all-organic liquid descaler that provides exceptional removal or mineral scale deposits, oxide residues and grease and oil removal, while minimizing attack on copper, brass, lead, cast iron, steel and aluminum. ISC-100 shows better results and less metal loss than oxalic acid, hydrochloric acid and sulfamic acid-based cleaners.

ISC 200 is an alkaline liquid product that not only removes oil and greasy residues, but also removes silicate gel deposits that arise from the use of improperly formulated antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor formulations.

ISC 18425 cleaned a pinion gear better than the competition in a recent trial done at a Class I rail company.


Cleaners & Degreasers

ISC produces a full line of industrial parts cleaners that can meet your plant’s toughest parts cleaning requirements. We also provide cleaners that are “bio-friendly” and fully biodegradable. Additionally, ISC manufactures an extensive range of solvents used for cleaning all types of metals.

Rust Prevention

General Purpose lubricant for metal parts designed to penetrate deep into areas that are rusted and hard to work areas on equipment. It can also be used to clean certain metals of hydrocarbon deposits.

Purpose Built

Locomotive Exterior Wash

ISC’s exterior wash is a concentrated, highly effective liquid cleaning product that removes grease, oil, rust oxides, dirt and railroad exhaust films, while not harming metals and hard surfaces such as concrete. It can be used in locomotive wash rack facilities, railcar cleaning sites, and a number of miscellaneous applications requiring heavy duty cleaning. ISC 18009 contains no Phosphorus compounds, nor hydrocarbon components. Our product can be applied with brushes, pressure spray and foaming applicators. As an additional benefit, this cleaner was designed to be easily treated in industrial waste water operations without the need for hazardous concentrations of Sulfuric Acid.

Our Locomotive Wash is available in Bulk, Totes and 1 gallon bottles.

Treating Process Water

Shop Floor Cleaner

The most important challenge in today’s mechanical shop environments is keeping everything safe and clean without disrupting production. Having a clean floor to perform the many tasks at hand will minimize safety incidents and increase production. Whether it’s a routine weekly cleaning or an immediate wash down after a spill, ISC Floor Cleaner will give you satisfactory performance. Not only will it clean, it is safe to handle and is easily treatable downstream.

Zero Liquid Discharge

Window Washer Fluid

ISC’s window washer fluid is formulated to perform in the toughest environments. Whether it’s bugs or grime, ISC- Window Wash will have your windows clean in no time. This product is safe to use in extreme temperatures and will never freeze. ISC-Window Wash is a non-hazardous product that is available in both a concentrate and diluted form.