Engine Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

ISC is the premier provider and preferred choice for Class 1 and short line rail carriers. We have been helping locomotive operators protect their assets for 20 years by providing corrosion inhibitors that beat manufacturer recommendations for corrosion protection in all models of GE and EMD locomotives. We are one of only two companies approved by GE to provide inhibitors for their closed loop diesel systems. Our products are delivered in safe, easy to use packaging for ready to use liquid blends, liquid concentrates and powder.

Products Include:

  • Boiler Treatment
  • Cooling System Leak Checking
  • Rust Preventer
  • Locomotive Corrosion Inhibitors

Treating Process Water

ISC 7537 Product Family Overview

ISC-7537 closed loop cooling system borate nitrite corrosion inhibitors were specifically designed to work with large railroad diesel engines like those manufactured by EMD and GE. Current engine designs have resulted in diesel engines that are running hotter because of required engine sound abatement requirements around the engines, and because greater fuel burning efficiencies are achieved by increasing the running temperatures of diesel engines. This has placed a greater performance requirement on the engine cooling system. Hard water salts in coolant make-up water, corrosive engine combustion blow-back leaking into the coolant, and variations in cooling system antifreeze formulations, can generate a number of problems that can shut down a diesel engine.

New Product Spotlight

  • Tier 4 locomotive engine compliant formulations – Upgrading your fleet? We recently released new formulations designed to meet the new, more stringent manufacturer requirements for protecting new GE and EMD Tier 4 locomotives. All products are backwards compatible with older locomotives. Make sure you are ready for your fleets upgrade, call now.
  • Organic formulations – Sustainability is a common theme for both railroads and regulators. ISC’s organic locomotive corrosion inhibitors help you protect your assets while advancing your corporate environmental initiatives. Our organic products provide the same best in class corrosion and scale protection as our regular line, all with 100% organic raw materials.

Zero Liquid Discharge

7537 Applications & Availability

ISC-7537 was specifically designed to solve each of the cooling system problems of today’s high performance diesel engines. It has been tested in the engine test cells and in the field on GE and EMD Diesel engines and is approved for use.  ISC-7537 has been in use by Class I railroads for almost 20 years.

Packaging Availability

  • 1 Gal Bottle
  • 5 Gal Pail
  • Pellets
  • Water Soluble Bags
  • Drum
  • Tote
  • Bulk